About Us


BubTown Studiosis a full service digital media provider for marketers. We create high quality video animation, website design, graphic design and illustration! BubTown takes pride in its ability to keep clients happy and to create top quality marketing and promotional media at a competitive price.

Our web services include:

  • Landing Pages
  • LeadGens / Squeeze Pages
  • Email Ads
  • Online Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • WordPress / CMS
  • Company Web Pages, and
  • Site Maintenance.

We also create dynamic video marketing tools, such as:

  • Whiteboard videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Kinetic Typography
  • graphic design
  • digital illustration
  • and more!


At BubTown Studios, we are committed to quality, and providing the best product to our Clients. We take pride in the excellence of our work, and guarantee your satisfaction!

Jim Blanchard

BubTown Studios was founded by Jim Blanchard, an experienced producer of marketing content, digital media and family entertainment. For more than two decades, he has created exciting content in interactive web design, PC gaming, Edutainment, 2D & 3D animation, and stop-motion animation. Jim has set many milestones in the media industry: he’s been an award-winning game producer, headed production at an award-winning animation studio, set up the production department for the first multimedia studio in China for a subsidiary of Fujitsu, where he produced the country’s first multimedia products for China’s largest childrens book publisher, and developed the curriculium for China’s first multimedia training centers. He was also formerly Vice President of the New England Film Association and actively involved in bringing film incentives to the State of Connecticut.

Everyone asks us, “what in the world does BubTown mean?” The name actually has a long and illustrious history dating all the way back to 2010, when our founder’s two kids produced some comedy video skits named BubTown. Jim always thought the name was quirky, fun and catchy! He immortalized it as the company name, and placed an image of “Bub” and his polka-dot tie in the logo! Bub eventually morphed into our current mascot, “Bub” the cartoon chimpanzee – and the rest is history!

The History of BubTown!
The History of BubTown!

Our company name, like our skillset, is unique, and we’re hoping you remember it!