Video Sales Letters

Video Sales Letters

BubTown Studios is your Digital Media guru! Our Video Sales Letters are the most cost-effective way to deliver a powerful video message at a fraction of the cost of traditional video!

A Video Sales Letter (also called VSL) is a very powerful tool that serve as an engaging replacement for old-style long sales letters. As the term suggests, VSLs are utilized for the specific goal of either selling products / services or collecting an e-mail / contact information in order to make a sales offer at a later date. As such, every VSL has a “call to action.”

VSLs may consist of live action footage as well as animation or motion graphics, but they are most often made up of solely typography and graphics. All VSLs consist of both audio narration and visuals, and often the full script is presented on the screen in sync with the audio narrator. In face, the simplest form of VSL consists only of still typography and audio narration! The most effective VSLs keep the potential customer engaged using kinetic typography with fast paced motion graphics and animation.

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Find out today just how easy it is to get your own VSL produced by the experts at BubTown Studios!