Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

BubTown Studios’ Motion Graphics videos are a dynamic and cost-effective way to deliver a powerful video message at a rate that even start-ups can afford!

The term “Motion Graphics” is self explanatory, in that it involves a near constant screen motion of graphical objects that keep the viewer engaged. As with any marketing video, one key goal is to get the viewer to watch the video for a s long as possible, and Motion Graphics do that through a combination of entertainment and fast-paced transitions. A popular feature of Motion Graphics is using object and/or background morphs to transition from one scene to another.

Kinetic Typography is a fancy term that simply means “moving words;” and is often also referred to as “typography animation.” This medium is a type of Motion Graphics, but focuses on the visual placement and movement of the WORDS themselves!

Kinetic Typography

Find out how BubTown Studios can build you a Motion Graphics Video to market your products an services and provide the most impact for your dollar!